Jared takes on Koga in this episode of Nuzlocke!

Upload Date August 6th 2013
Series FireRed Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught none
Deaths Rembit (Lv 37)
Starting team Nuptup (Lv 40), Stellar (Lv 38), Blamblegam (Lv 37), Rembit (Lv 37), Jorm (Lv 36)
Ending team Nuptup (Lv 41), Stellar (Lv 38), Blamblegam (Lv 37), Jorm (Lv 36)
Badges 5 (Jared got the Soul Badge this episode)
Locations Fuchsia City, Route 15, Route 14, Route 10

Synopsis Edit

Jared challenges Koga. Jared hopes he can get a Rain Dance off before Koffing can explode, but it uses Toxic instead! Stellar is sent out instead, and Surf takes out Koffing. Muk is up next. Surf keeps on missing. Stellar is instantly poisoned. Jared has to retreat, and brings out Rembit to lower its attack. Rembit uses Hyper Beam and takes out Muk.

Another Koffing comes out, and Rembit is also poisoned. Rembit takes it out with yet another Hyper Beam. Rembit uses Hyper Beam on Weezing, taking it down to half. Jared forgot about the poison, and Rembit is killed by a crit!

Jared sends out Blamblegam. Blamblegam barely fails to take down Weezing, and then Weezing takes Blamblegam down to 1 health! Jared yells, and Jared decides to heal Stellar, knowing how stupid it is. Stellar uses Aurora Beam, but gets poisoned again. After a good Surf, Weezing is healed again.

Stellar is now missing. Jorm comes back out, and Weezing is left with a slither of health. Jorm finishes off Weezing, and Jared wins. Jared takes the Soul Badge, and gives it to Nuptup!

Jared has to use antidotes on his Pokémon so they don't die in the overworld. The first time Jared beat Pokémon Blue, he beat Sabrina before Koga. Jared releases Rembit.

Jared decides to go to the Power Plant. Jared sneezes along the way. He swims through route 10, and fights a trainer outside the Power Plant. Jared tries to make a joke about Lickatung's tongue, but he worded it badly.

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