Jared heads into the Power Plant, and gambles his life away!

A Problem
Upload Date August 8th 2013
Series FireRed Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Magneton (Q, Power Plant, Lv 31)
Deaths none
Starting team Nuptup (Lv 41), Stellar (Lv 38), Blamblegam (Lv 37), Jorm (Lv 37)
Ending team Nuptup (Lv 41), Stellar (Lv 38), Blamblegam (Lv 37), Jorm (Lv 37), Q (Lv 32)
Badges 5
Locations Power Plant, Route 10, Celadon City

Synopsis Edit

Jared knows that everyone wants him to catch Zapdos. Using legendaries is lame! Jared wants a Magnemite or Electabuzz. He finds a Magneton! Nuptup gets confused and paralyzed, which is annoying, but barely does damage. Magneton is caught after a few tries.

Jared is happy to see Magneton caught. He simply names it Q. Jared decides to keep on checking out the Power Plant for experience. Jared can't find the items, and finds an Electrode! Jared tries to escape, but he can't. Electrode tries to use Rollout, and Jared decides to run anyway!

Jared finds Thunder, and thinks he should just leave. He decides to use repels to look for items. He finds two balls, and knows one will be an Electrode. The one he chooses is an Electrode. Electrode self destructs, but it doesn't do much to Q! The Self-Destruct was kind of pathetic. The other item was a Thunderstone. Q will be used for bomb disposal after that. Jared sees Zapdos, and decides to not fight it, and escapes the Power Plant.

Jared becomes attached to Q, and gives it Thunder. Jared buys some potions from the department store. Jared buys some water to a thirsty girl - who refuses the water. He tries all the drinks, and the bitch refuses all of them! Jared hates her! Jared goes back to the Game Corner, and begs all the people for coins in a child's voice. He cheers when he receives some.

Jared checks the floor for coins too. He has 250 coins, and goes to see if he can buy something. He doesn't even get close, and decides not to waste his money. He goes to play on the slot machines, and says "Dammit" every time he loses! Jared says that his Nuzlocke will now end, and he will be stuck with a gambling problem. He decides that the slots aren't worth it, and ends the video with less than 30 coins more than when he started with!

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