Jared struggles to get through the Pokémon Mansion.

Stumbling Through The Dark
Upload Date August 20th 2013
Series FireRed Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Growlithe (Idilsor, Pokémon Mansion, Lv 32)

Failed: Seel (Seafoam Islands, Lv 32)

Deaths none
Starting team Nuptup (Lv 47), Stellar (Lv 40), Jorm (Lv 41), Q (Lv 46), Wiggleywoo (Lv 24), Dacador (Lv 12)

Day Care: Leebin (Lv 7)

Ending team Nuptup (Lv 48), Stellar (Lv 41), Jorm (Lv 43), Q (Lv 47), Dacador (Lv 25), Idilsor (Lv 32)

Day Care: Leebin (Lv 7) Box: Wiggleywoo (Lv 24)

Badges 6
Locations Seafoam Islands, Cinnabar Island, Pokémon Mansion, Vermilion City, Diglett's Cave, Rock Tunnel, Route 15

Synopsis Edit

Jared steps into the Seafoam Islands. He heads as far down as he can, and he finally finds a Seel. However, Nuptup was too strong, and knocked it out with a critical hit! Jared heads back to Cinnabar Island. He goes into the Pokémon Mansion, and states that he doesn't know this area very well.

He finds a Growlithe. He puts it to sleep, and goes for the catch right away! It works. He calls it Idilsor, and swaps it in for Wiggleywoo, who now goes to the box. Wiggleywoo will never be needed! Jared tries to switch out Dacador, but a wild Rattata uses Pursuit! Luckily, Dacador survives.

Jared uses a Poke Doll to escape from a Raticate. He finds a waist high pile of rocks that he can't jump over. He continues heading through the Pokémon Mansion, and finds the worried box again. After fighting a trainer, Jared and the box talk to each other.

Jared wants to repel through the whole place. Jared finds a book, and is disappointed by how little there is through it. A scientist is holding a bottle of science! Jared jumps off the edge of the floor, and becomes paralyzed after landing on his legs! Jared finally finds a secret key, along with several TMs. He leaves through a different exit, but comes out the same door and Jared freaks out!

Jared teaches Dacador Rock Tomb. Jared decides to grind Dacador in the Diglett's Cave. Jared heads to the Rock Tunnel to find the Rock Slide guy. He finds himself in the dark. He plays Marco Polo. Jared decides to hug a wall to follow it. Jared finds the guy, and teaches Dacador Rock Slide. Jared decides to bully the bird trainers again!

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