Jared takes on Blaine in this episode of Nuzlocke.

Burn Heal
Upload Date August 22nd 2013
Series FireRed Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught none
Deaths Jorm (Lv 44)
Starting team Nuptup (Lv 48), Stellar (Lv 41), Jorm (Lv 43), Q (Lv 47), Dacador (Lv 30), Idilsor (Lv 32)

Day Care: Leebin (Lv 7) Box: Wiggleywoo (Lv 24)

Ending team Nuptup (Lv 48), Stellar (Lv 41), Q (Lv 47), Dacador (Lv 34), Idilsor (Lv 32)

Day Care: Leebin (Lv 7) Box: Wiggleywoo (Lv 24)

Badges 7 (after getting the volcano badge this episode)
Locations Cinnabar Island

Synopsis Edit

Jared heads into the Cinnabar Island gym, and has to answer a quiz. Jared takes out the Vulpixs without a problem. Ninetales confuses Dacador. Jorm has to finish the fight. Jared decides to beat all the trainers. A question asks if there are 9 gym leaders. Jared states that there are technically 48. Of course, if you're Gary Oak, there's ten!

Jared continues answering the simple questions and fights the trainers. Jared gets to Blaine, and decides that he is strong enough to battle Blaine now.

Jorm is sent out against Growlithe, and Jorm gets burnt. It takes out Growlithe anyway. Ponyta is out next, and Jared is caught off guard by the Bounce move. Jorm dies from the burn! Dacador takes out Ponyta, and Arcanine is revealed. Dacador has trouble with Arcanine, and takes a risk to take Arcanine down. Rock Slide hits, and takes Arcanine down!

Rapidash is sent out. Jared wonders if Dacador can take out Rapidash in one hit. He feels dirty again as he is forced to heal. He uses Rock Slide, and Rapidash flinches, allowing Dacador to finish off the battle.

Jared beats Blaine, and earns the Volcano Badge. Blaine petronises Jared.

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