Jared grinds a lot, before once again facing Guidjit.

Upload Date August 29th 2013
Series FireRed Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Machop (Gworvan, Victory Road, Lv 32)
Deaths none
Starting team Nuptup (Lv 48), Stellar (Lv 50), Q (Lv 50), Idilsor (Lv 48), Farf (Lv 42), Wiggleywoo (Lv 24)

Day Care: Leebin (Lv 19)

Ending team Nuptup (Lv 50), Stellar (Lv 51), Q (Lv 52), Idilsor (Lv 51), Farf (Lv 45), Leebin (Lv 51)

Box: Wiggleywoo (Lv 30, Lv Wiggley), Gworvan (Lv 32)

Badges 8
Locations Grinding (Route 15 and MANY other places), Celadon City, Route 2, Route 22, Route 23, Victory Road

Synopsis Edit

After a lot of grinding, Idilsor evolves into Arcanine. Even more grinding later, Wiggleywoo is put back into the box, and Leebin is retrieved once more from the Day Care Center. Jared thinks that Leebin has a Lonely nature because she was left in the Day Care Center for so long.

After six hours of grinding, Leebin evolved into Tentacruel. Wiggleywoo (whose level has now been changed to simply 'Wiggley') is swapped into the team to be taught Cut. Wigleywoo is finally useful! Jared sings the Viridian City song. Everyone is now at level 50 except for Farf.

Jared heads towards the Indigo Plateau, and meets Guidjit! They begin the fight. Guidjit starts with Pidgeot, while Jared starts with Stellar and Spikes. Pidgeot is taken down in one shot with Ice Beam. Stellar now has Leftovers. Rhyhorn is next, and is Surfed away. Venusaur is next, and Jared switches for Idilsor. Jared uses Flamethrower, but Venusaur barely survives. Idilsor uses Strength to defeat Venusaur.

Gyarados is next, and Q is sent out. Gyarados uses Hydro Pump, which did a decdent amount of damage, but Q's Thunderbolt is too much for him. Growlithe is next for Guidjit, and Leebin is sent in to use Surf, taking it out with a critical hit. Alakazam is the last Pokemon. Q is sent back in. Q uses Tri Attack twice to finish Alakazam off.

Jared defeats Guidjit! Guidjit leaves, insulting Jared. Jared continues heading towards Victory Road.

Jared puts Nuptup first, and this is Jared's last chance to catch a Pokemon. He finds a Machop. Jared notes that all he gets are female Pokemon. Machop is caught. Jared found a comment on YouTube that was really funny, and the name was Gworvan.

Jared finds a guy just staring at an item, and tells him that he can get it if he wants. Jared goes to take it, but the guy wants a battle. Jared pushes boulders around. He prepares himself for a battle at the end of Victory Road, and is surprised that the guy doesn't want to fight after all!

He runs out.

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