Jared faces Loreliei and Bruno - the first two Elite Four members.

Elite Four
Upload Date September 3rd 2013
Series FireRed Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught none
Deaths none
Starting team Nuptup (Lv 55), Stellar (Lv 53), Q (Lv 53), Idilsor (Lv 52), Farf (Lv 53), Leebin (Lv 52)

Box: Wiggleywoo (Lv 30, Wiggley), Gworvan (Lv 32)

Ending team Nuptup (Lv 55), Stellar (Lv 53), Q (Lv 53), Idilsor (Lv 52), Farf (Lv 53), Leebin (Lv 52)

Box: Wiggleywoo (Lv 30, Wiggley), Gworvan (Lv 32)

Badges 8
Locations Route 23, Indigo Plateau

Synopsis Edit

Jared gets frustrated by the stupid puzzle right in front of the Elite Four. He tells how he has leveled up a bit more, and he awaits the Elite Four. He buys lots of potions and full restores with the money he will never use otherwise. He also goes through his items, and sells his revives and repels. He gets ready and runs into the Elite Four fight.

He faces Lorelei, the Ice Elite Four member, and puts Q at the front of the party. Lorelei sends out Dewgong. Q uses Thunder, and beats Dewgong. Cloyster is next, and Q uses Thunderbolt. Jared makes another Stellar pun. Slowbro is third, and Q continues with Thunderbolt, and Jared hopes that Q can sweep the team.

Lapras does stay in however, and uses Confuse Ray. Lapras has a Sitrus Berry. Q hurts itself, and Lapras uses Surf, hurting Q a lot. Farf is swapped in, and Lapras uses Surf again. Farf uses Brick Break, finishing off Lapras. Jynx is the last member. Idilsor is brought in to melt it. Jynx uses Ice Beam, and Idilsor's Fire Blast takes out Jynx.

Jared wins! One down, three to go!

Jared heals his team before moving on to Bruno, the Fighting team member. Bruno sends out Onix, and is forced to meet Nuptup. Nuptup destroys it with Giga Drain. Hitmonchan is next, and Nuptup consumes his soul too. Nuptup has Sunny Day in effect, and uses Solar Beam to take Hitmonchan down.

Hitmonlee is next, and Nuptup uses Solar Beam again. It survives and uses Mega Kick. Hitmonlee full restores, and Nuptup uses Giga Drain. Another Mega Kick harms Nuptup, who uses Giga Drain again.

Jared has to swap to Leebin. Leebin is hit harder than Jared expected, but Surfs Hitmonlee out of the match. Onix is put up next, and Leebin uses Barrier for more defence. Onix uses Earthquake. Another Barrier later, and Onix Earthquakes again. Leebin is low on health, and finishes Onix with Surf.

The last Pokemon is Machamp. Leebin keeps on using Surf. Machamp uses Rock Tomb, which does very little. Leebin still uses Surf, and is constantly healed with Leftovers. Machamp also has berries, and Jared makes a Barry joke. Leebin uses Surf again, and gets a critical hit, defeating Machamp and Bruno!

Jared was beginning to get worried and breathes a sigh of relief. Two down, two to go!

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