Jared jumps aboard the S.S Anne and takes on Guijit in this episode of Nuzlocke.

Prepare for Trouble
Upload Date May 10th 2013
Series FireRed Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Drowzee (Drubble, Route 11, Lv 11)
Deaths none
Starting team Oh,he (Lv 21), Nuptup (Lv 22), Klilocanth (Lv 20)

Day Care: Jeflump (Lv 11)

Ending team Oh,he (Lv 23), Nuptup (Lv 24), Klilocanth (Lv 22), Drubble (Lv 25)

Day Care: Jelflump (Lv 17)

Badges 2
Locations Vermilion City, Route 11, Route 6, Route 5, S.S Anne

Synopsis Edit

Jared is miserable, as he looks at his team of three. Jared begins to sing 'How Could This Happen to Me'. He realizes that he has to catch something on Route 11, so he finds a Drowzee. It takes several attempts to catch it with just paralysis. Jared needs to clear the S.S Anne, but he needs to stop sucking. He makes fun of Drubble's droopy nose.

Jared asks the chat where he can find a Growlithe. Jared wants more Special Attack. He grinds Drubble a lot more. Drubble is almost taken out by a fury swipe sweep from a Spearow. Jared wants to get out of there!

Jared is ready to go to the S.S Anne, but decides to check on Jeflump. Jared gets a million dollar bike for free. Jared flashes the S.S Anne ticket. The S.S Anne ticket calls the cops for indescent exposure! Jared makes it onto the S.S Anne. He finds a Gentleman, and puts on a gentleman-like voice.

Drubble continues to grind. Jared is caught off guard by a sailor who says he likes feisty kids! Jared thinks he should be about to see his rival, but is afraid that he may not be able to fight him. Guidjit appears, and they fight.

Jared sends out Drubble, and he does well against Pidgeotto. Klilocanth hits Raticate with Dig and Magnitude. Oh,he was ready for Ivysaur by taking it down in one hit! Kadabra is also no trouble for Oh,he.

Jared gets creepy around the captain.

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