It's time to take on Lt. Surge in this episode of Jared's FireRed Nuzlocke.

Sonic Boom
Upload Date May 14th 2013
Series FireRed Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Ekans (Orn, Route 9, Lv 17)

Voltorb (Splodey, Route 10, Lv 17)

Deaths none
Starting team Oh,he (Lv 23), Nuptup (Lv 24), Klilocanth (Lv 22), Drubble (Lv 25)

Day care: Jeflump (Lv 17)

Ending team Oh,he (Lv 24), Nuptup (Lv 25), Klilocanth (Lv 24), Drubble (Lv 25), Jeflump (Lv 24), Orn (Lv 17)
Badges 3 - Jared got the Thunder Badge
Locations Vermilion City, Diglett's Cave, Route 2, Route 5, Route 9, Route 10

Synopsis Edit

Jared teaches Klilocanth Cut, by shoving the HM into its brain! He decides to take on the gym. Klilocanth easily takes down the people in the gym. Jared takes on Lt. Surge. Jared is confused by Lt. Surge's speech. Jared thought that Surge's Pokemon would be a lot higher leveled than this.

However, on Raichu, Klilocanth misses, as Raichu uses Double Team a lot. Klilocanth uses Magnitude 10 - only to miss, causing Jared to shout! Jared puts Nuptup in, and Raichu is taken down with Acid. With Surge defeated, Jared heads back into the Diglett Cave and uses a repel. However, a Dugtrio appears at level 31 - much higher than any of his team! Oh,he manages to take Dugtrio out anyway.

Jared gets back to route 2, and receives Flash. He teaches Drubble Dream Eater. Jared goes back to Jeflump, who is now level 21, hoping to teach her Flash. Jeflump evolves into Golbat. Jared likes how his team looks like, as it isn't very common. Jared gets to route 9, and finds Aerial Ace, and inserts it into Oh,he's brain!

Jeflump takes down a Machop. Someone hits on Jared's Pokemon! Jared finds an Ekans. Jared catches an Ekans. Jared is happy to see that he has a full team for the first time! Orn sucks, and can barely kill a Caterpie. Jared makes it to route 10, and finds a Voltorb to catch.

Jared puts the Voltorb to sleep, before putting the PokeBall into a PokeBall! He names it Splodey!

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