One Minute Review is a show on Jared's dmjared YouTube channel. On this show, Jared does a review in one minute and gives a score at the end. On occasion, he will also do a full review as well as a One Minute Review if he doesn't have enough time.

Jared eventually stopped doing One Minute Reviews. The last episode, 'One Minute Review -The Legend of Korra', was uploaded on December 9, 2014. Jared, on May 17, 2016, admitted on Twitter that:

☀I'll never do one minute reviews again. The YouTube algorithm makes them a TERRIBLE idea now. It'd honestly destroy my channel.


List of Episodes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Monster Hunter received a 12 out of 10 in the One Minute Review, but in the full review it only received a 8.
  • Jared couldn't get Sim City to work, so he didn't give it a score.

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