So far, ProReviews had two different opening themes.

Original Theme Edit

Projared oldlogo

The clips listed here are from the final episode (Virtual Hydlide) that uses the original theme. This theme played from 2010 - 2014 (Two Worlds - Virtual Hydlide).

Jared picks up a NES controller off a table, and the title "Pro Review" appears behind it. Jared picks up a SNES controller off a shelf (there are SNES games behind it, but they are faced backwards). He then picks up a Genesis controller off a shelf which also contains various video game action figures.

Clips are shown from Dr. Quandary (shaking a floppy disc), Jared ranting (from Dragon Ball Z Sagas), Jared throwing a rave (PlayStation Move), and being scared by PBG (Pocky & Rocky).

Jared is then shown walking past a wall display featuring the three controllers in frames and ProJared is displayed on the screen as Jared walks past.

Current Theme Edit

Projared newlogo

The clips shown are from the first episode (SimAnt) that uses the second theme (please change this to the final episode if Jared changes themes again). This theme began being used in 2014 (SimAnt - ).

Jared picks up the same NES controller from the same table as in the original clip, however, there is a bag of Dungeons & Dragons dice, and some guides also on the table, as well as some playing cards (possibly Magic the Gathering cards). He then picks up the SNES controller. This time, some of the games labels are visible, including SimAnt.

He picks up the Genesis controller off a shelf, and several games that Jared has done videos for are shown. This includes Quest 64, Dr. Quandary, Virtual Hydlide, Super Hydlide, and Pokemon FireRed. A copy of Keith Courage in Alpha Zones (which has yet to feature in a ProJared video) is revealed once the Genesis controller is taken away.

Jared's naked arm reaches for one of his blue shirts from a closet. Hanging up includes 3 blue shirts, a few grey and black shirts, a light green shirt, a dark green shirt and a red shirt. The word Pro (the first half of the new logo) appears with extracts of several previous videos are in the background. After the camera pulls through the o, there are clips from previous episodes.

This includes: Jared playing Pocky & Rocky before PBG scares him, which is followed by Jared's name (the second part of the logo), with more videos shown behind it. Moving through the dot on the j, shows Jared shaking the Dr. Quandary floppy disc.

Some more of the logo (the buttons at the bottom) are shown with more videos being played behind it, with the camera pulling into one of them. This is followed up by Jared holding the Mystic Quest game, before finally, a shot of Jared holding some GameCube controllers (among others), and the three controllers he picked up earlier on a display on the wall, just like the original intro.

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