The Waffle Crew are attacked by giant spiders beneath Waterdeep.

PARTICLE EFFECTS ¦ Eye of the Beholder #2
Upload Date December 21st 2016
Series D&December


Synopsis Edit

Jared finds a gate with stuff rations, a potion of extra healing and a pressure plate. Jared finds some particles floating around. Evelyn and Paultin levels up. Jared finds an elevator to the corrections facility, where they fight skeletons. More skeletons have Turn Undead cast on them. Diath takes a lot of damage, but is healed. It takes a long time to require food.

Paultin is given a bow. Jared arrives at the "Death section", and decides to save. Several ghouls appear. Paultin can't hit anyone on the right. Jared finds a gold key. The party arrives back to the entry level, where they unlock another door. Diath gets some new boots. Jared discovers how to swap the party's positions.

Jared sees a lot of skeletons behind a door. The party fights them. Jared opens a door on the opposite side and fights a ghoul. Jared tries to use the map as infrequently as possible. "Fun fact: Waterdeep's sewer is a god damn labyrinth!"

Jared uses the map to get through. He realizes that a switch revealed the secret doors. The party fights some more undead. Jared finally finds the door that needs the gold key. He finds the stairway down. "You feel dizzy" appears on the screen. Jared finds a scroll of Cause Light Wounds. Jared is locked in a room where he needs three keys which he doesn't have.

Diath tries to pick the locks, but they all fail. Jared wishes that he could actually feel like a rogue. The party falls down a hole, and is attacked by spiders. Evelyn becomes poisoned. Jared finds a ring of armor for Evelyn. Diath is unconscious, and Evelyn is losing healed due to poison. Evelyn dies! Jared doesn't know what to do.

Jared runs past spiders, and tries to throw a rock at it. Diath becomes poisoned, and Jared looks around, trying to look for a way out. The controls frustrate Jared, as he can't get Paultin to shoot his bow. Diath is killed. More spiders arrive, poisoning the others. Everyone dies. The game kicks Jared out! Jared will try again.

"Hey Velika here again. Boy those spiders sure are nasty! Maybe Jared and his party will get past them next time! Or maybe you should just click one of these awesome videos! Come on click one! Trust me you'll enjoy it! And don't forget to like, comment, and you guessed it! SUBSCRIBE!"

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