Pachifetch using Peck on a Weedle
Species Pachirisu (Farfetch'd)
Status Dead

Caught Level 4, Shinou Forest, Part 2
Died Level 15, Luciva City, Part 6
Killer Rival Guidjuk's Squirtle
Biggest Success Leveling up to survive Poison
Death Quote "OooOhh, nooo..."
Pachifetch was a female Farfetch'd with the appearance of a Pachirisu in Jared's Dark Cry Nuzlocke. Pachifetch, while she wasn't one of Jared's best pokemon, had one of the longer lifespans of the series.

Pachifetch had several near death situations, the biggest one being that she was poisoned and Jared had no way of curing her, that is, until, Bidumb saved the day by picking up a Pecha Berry! Pachifetch was a decent fighter, but Jared tended to use either Fuhrdan or Derlen instead since they received stab from their attacks.

Pachifetch met her fate in the infamous battle in Luciva City against Guidjuk. Jared sent her out, hoping she could get a crit., but sadly, she didn't, and she was killed from a Water Gun.

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