Pindil using Fairy Wind.
Species Flabébé
Status Dead

Caught Level 7, Route 4
Died Level 18, Route 8
Killer Swimmer ♀ Genevieve's Psyduck
Biggest Success Assisted in capturing Keeyot
Death Quote DUDE WHY IS IT SO FAST?! DAMMIT!! Oh my god...OH MY GOD!

Pindil was a Pokémon Jared caught at level 7 and was the first Fairy-type he caught in his playthrough of Y. Pindil's run started off slow, with Jared using her mainly for low-level fights such as three lvl 7 Burmys (only one recorded as Pindil's responsibility) and a lvl 9 Magikarp, due to being the weakest Pokémon on his team at the time.

Besides from assisting in a few battles, one of them being against the notoriously strong Wild Kadabra, Pindi spent most of her time being switched out of battles due to being positioned as the leading Pokémon, but was reliable for few fights.

It wasn’t until Part 7 that Pindil single-handedly took out a Pokémon, that being a wild, lvl 9 Pancham. This would be the last Pokémon that Pindil would successfully defeat, until Part 10, when she met her fate to Swimmer Genevieve’s infamous Psyduck who also took out Keeyot.