The Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke was Jared's fourth Nuzlocke, and the second to be hosted on Jared's let's play channel, ProJaredPlays. Once again, Jared is playing relatively blind, only knowing the events of the original games, and also adds the no healing during battles rule.


List of Episodes Edit

Ep. No Title / Link on wiki Video
1 Determined Determined
2 Strength in Numbers Strength in Numbers
3 Double Battle Double Battle
4 Rock Tomb Rock Tomb
5 Buttholes Buttholes
6 26th Strongest 26th Strongest
7 Trick House Trick House
8 Unpopular Opinions Unpopular Opinions
9 No Hugs No Hugs
10 Shaking Things Up Shaking Things Up
11 Sekerete Bases Sekerete Bases
12 Those Nuts Those Nuts
13 Crushin' It Crushin' It
14 Highly Impractical Highly Impractical
15 Retaliate Retaliate
16 Shwah Shwah
17 Slap to the Face Slap to the Face
18 Never Say Die Never Say Die

Result Edit

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Jared had five badges. He had a full team with Rolic, Fibboo, Cordy, Zimzy, Srawling and Tragg going up against the Fortree City gym leader. Jared misjudged the difficulty of the gym, and did not anticipate a Altaria with Earthquake and lost his entire team. Even worse, he still had his Skitty in the daycare center (Note: Jared's Nuzlocke Challenges end when a white-out screen appears, not necessarily when all Pokémon are dead).

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only Nuzlocke that Jared has failed with Pokémon left in the box and day care.