Jared begins his blind Nuzlocke of Pokémon Y.

PART 1: New Beginnings
Upload Date October 22nd 2013
Series Pokemon Y Blind Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Chespin (Chinlo, Aquacorde Town (gift), Lv 5)

Pidgey (Ohshe, Route 2, Lv 3)

Deaths None
Starting team None
Ending team Chespin (Lv 6), Pidgey (Lv 3)
Badges 0
Locations Vaniville Town, Route 1, Aquacorde Town, Route 2

Synopsis Edit

Jared welcomes everyone to his blind Nuzlocke of Pokémon Y. Jared goes over the rules as he opens the game. Jared introduces his new rules, and will not use any healing items at all during battles. He also knows very little about this game, and has avoided spoilers. Jared tells the chat not to post spoilers.

He begins, and Professor Sycamore is introduced. Jared chooses his character. Jared complains that he chose to play in English, not French! A not-Taillow flies into the bedroom, waking Jared up. Jared sees a Wii U, and it begs players to buy it. Jared is excited about being able to run in 8 directions! Jared appreciates how progressive the house is.

He opens the doors to the ladies outside. Jared puts on an annoying voice for one of the characters. Jared rides on the Rhyhorn excitedly. Jared is introduced to the other characters, but can't find them. Jared thinks the nicknames are stupid, so he chooses Pro-J.

It is time to choose his Pokémon. He rolls his die, which rolls a 4 for Chespin. Jared hates Shauna already. The professor has a letter for Jared's mom. Jared battles with Shauna. DEM GRAPHICS! Jared wins the first battle.

Jared is embarrassed by his mom and wonders where dad is. Jared rides Rhyhorn some more. Jared buys some Poké Balls. Jared walks into Route 2, and is disappointed to find a Pidgey. He catches it. Jared thinks it is amazing how he gets experience for catching Pokémon now!

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