Jared heads into the forest and checks out the new bug Pokémon.

Pokemon Y Blind Nuzlocke - PART 2: I Want It!
Upload Date October 24th 2013
Series Pokemon Y Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Pansage (Gworp, Santalune Forest, Lv 4), Fletchling (Teeckadee, Route 3, Lv 5)
Deaths None
Starting team Chinlo (Lv 6), Ohshe (Lv 3)
Ending team Chinlo (Lv 9), Ohshe (Lv 10), Growrp (Lv 6), Teeckadee (Lv 5)
Badges 0
Locations Route 2, Santalune Forest, Route 3, Santalune City

Synopsis Edit

Jared walks into a battle with a Youngster. Zigzagoon has a stupid face, but Jared likes how it picks stuff up! Jared find it adorable how Zigagoon actually wags his tail! Chinlo wins and levels up.

Jared heads into Santalune Forest. Shauna wants to walk with him. Jared wants to find a bug Pokémon. He gets a Pansage instead, surprising Jared. Jared explains how he makes noises to name his Pokémon. Jared is shocked to see a Pikachu that said its own name! Jared doesn't want the game to make him feel bad about knocking out a Pikachu.

Jared wants the Scatterbug. He sees his friend having a battle. Jared really wants a Caterpie. Jared battles Youngster Joey, and Jared will be angry if he has a Rattata. He has a Scatterbug and Fletchling. Jared is OK that this forest looks like Viridian Forest.

Jared battles some more before heading to route 3. Jared reads the Adventure Rules, and they are extremely patronizing. Jared battles a preschooler. Jared tells the ppreschooler to kill himself and his dreams won't come true! Jared finds a Fletchling, which hits Growrp hard. Fletchling is caught.

Jared battles another preschooler. Jared tells the preschooler to sell her body on the black market! Jared checks Teeckadee's stats. Teeckadee looks pretty good, but Growrp sucks. Jared likes how the thorny tree has replaced the tiny bush from previous games. Jared plays by jumping off a ledge repeatedly.

Jared battles a schoolgirl and insults her Bidoof. Jared arrives at Santalune City. He makes it to the Pokémon Center, and argues that he was there first, as someone else enters.

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