Jared gets an expensive haircut, and Teeckadee evolves into a fire type.

PART 6: Rip Off
Upload Date November 5th 2013
Series Pokemon Y Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught None
Deaths None
Starting team Chinlo (Lv 14), Pindil (Lv 9), Growrp (Lv 11), Teeckadee (Lv 15), Dumbidoom (Lv 9), Rathalos (Lv 10)
Ending team Chinlo (Lv 14), Pindil (Lv 13), Growrp (Lv 13), Teeckadee (Lv 17), Dumbidoom (Lv 10), Rathalos (Lv 14)
Badges 1
Locations Lumiose City, Route 5

Synopsis Edit

Jared is impressed at Lysandre's hair. His hair is engulfing his entire body! Jared spends $3000 on a haircut! He prefers the old style, and ends up spending $4500 to slightly change the color of his hair!

Jared is surprised to see a Lucario walk up to him. A Lucario trainer appears and compliments Jared's aura. Jared finds a wild Abra. Jared thinks it will run, and uses his Great Ball. The Abra gets out and teleports. Jared grinds in the skate park.

Jared meets up with Tierno, who has a Vanillite on his shirt. They battle, and Chinlo wins. They offer Jared honey. Jared battles another trainer. Jared thinks fairies may be super effective against psychic, and tries Pindil out. It isn't, but Kadabra deals a lot of damage. Jared tries using Rathalos instead, but Kadabra deals a lot of damage to him too! Jared switches to Teeckadee, who misses his attack, and is also hit hard. Jared is in trouble.

Jared wonders what he can do, and puts Growrp in to lick it. It deals some damage. Kadabra gets paralyzed, but Kadabra's ability paralyzes Growrp too! Dumbidoom is sent out to take out Kadabra. Jared is relieved that he won and no one was lost.

Teeckadee evolves into Flectinder, and Jared is surprised that it can learn Ember. It is awesome that Teeckadee now is a fire/flying type, and becomes a favorite.

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