Jared catches another Cubone, battles Team Flare in a cave, and gets beaten up by a Psyduck.

PART 10: Haunted
Upload Date November 19th 2013
Series Pokemon Y Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Cubone (Weplus, Glittering Cave, Lv 16)
Deaths Keeyot (Lv 19), Pindil (Lv 18)
Starting team Chinlo (Lv 20), Pindil (Lv 17), Growrp (Lv 16), Teeckadee (Lv 21), Rathalos (Lv 21) , Keeyot (Lv 17)

Box: Flarnek (Lv 14), Chompit (Lv 15)

Ending team Chinlo (Lv 21), Teeckadee (Lv 22), Rathalos (Lv 21), Weplus (Lv 16)

Box: Flarnek (Lv 14), Chompit (Lv 15), Growrp (Lv 17)

Badges 1
Locations Glittering Cave, Route 8

Synopsis Edit

Jared enters Glittering Cave, and is worried about the odd perspective. He goes left, and finds a Cubone. He weakens it, and uses his new Dusk Ball to put Cubone into. He gives homage to Wepler, by calling it Weplus! Jared battles a Solrock, and finds Shadow Claw, which is taught to Rathalos. Kangaskhan surprises Jared.

Jared finds himself in the next section, and finds a person there. It is a Team Flare member. Jared doesn't know what he is answering No to. Rathalos likes to party. Jared insults the grunt for using a Zubat second.

Jared rock smashes a rock - only to find nothing there! Jared heads into a double battle against Team Flare. Vesper takes hits for Jared. Jared has to switch Chinlo out.

Jared is swept onto by a Woobat and sighs in disappointed. Jared finds the scientist's mishearing funny, and Jared receives the Jaw Fossil before escaping. Jared is done with Growrp, and switches in Weplus. Jared is disappointed that he is doing surprisingly well. He gets the Dowsing Machine.

He battles swimmer trainers on the beach. Pindil takes a lot of damage to a Wingull, and Chinlo comes in to help out. Jared remembers his stupid Psyduck. Chinlo hits itself in confusion many times, forcing Jared to switch to Rathalos - who also becomes confused - and Rathalos hurts himself too. Both Chinlo and Rathalos become very close to dying. Teeckadee enters and takes a big hit instantly.

Jared is amused by the zoom in of Psyduck's face. Nothing resists water. Jared tries his best with Keeyot, who barely survives hitting itself with confusion.Jared is frustrated as he is being taken out by a Psyduck! Keeyot is sacrificed, and Pindil goes down on the next turn! Jared tries Chinlo again, commanding Chinlo to kill Psyduck.

Mistakes were made.

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