Jared finds the second gym in the game, and gets a Solosis eaten by a crocodile.

PART 11: Nom Nom
Upload Date November 21st 2013
Series Pokemon Y Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught None
Deaths Growrp (Lv 18)
Starting team Chinlo (Lv 22), Chompit (Lv 15), Teeckadee (Lv 22), Rathalos (Lv 22), Weplus (Lv 17), Growrp (Lv 18)

Box: Flarnek (Lv 14)

Ending team Chinlo (Lv 23), Chompit (Lv 16), Teeckadee (Lv 22), Rathalos (Lv 22), Weplus (Lv 18), Flarnek (Lv 15)
Badges 1
Locations Route 8, Cyllage City, Route 10

Synopsis Edit

Jared heads down Route 8, and reads a pointless sign. As soon as Jared enters Cyllage City, his dowsing machine goes off, and he finds an Ether. Someone tells a poem, and asks for a tip. Jared wanted to give him $1!

Jared gets his Cubone massaged, and wants to make sure he was talking about his Pokémon. Jared enters the bike store, and correctly answers the question to get his green bike. Jared obtains Rest and Sleep Talk together. Jared also gets Strength. People are super generous. Jared follows the gym leader, and he comments on how long it took to get to the second gym.

He comments on the Aggro Crag (and gets the name wrong). Jared has lots of Pokémon that can take on rocks, and climbs the walls around to the first trainer.

Growrp ends up dying to a Rock Blasting Dwebble. Chinlo does a lot of damage to Relicanth, so Jared switches in Weplus, only to almost be killed by a Water Gun Jared is worried that his only special moves are fire type moves. Growrp is released, and Jared comments that he had stupid hair.

Jared battles a trainer names Shad on Route 8. Jared makes disgruntled noises for every Icicle Spear from Shellder. Chinlo has to be switched out as he is confused. Flarnek takes Shellder down, and Staryu appears. Chompit finishes off Staryu by chomping it. Jared feels that his luck is running out.

Jared fights a trainer on Route 10. Chompit eats a Solosis. The Solosis keeps on flinching! Jared finds a DragonBall Z reference, and Jared's head hurts from the crossover.

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