Another sacrifice has to be made, and an argument with the chat results in another release.

PART 14: Growing On Me
Upload Date December 3rd 2013
Series Pokemon Y Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Hariyama (Mongo, Route 11, Lv 23)
Deaths Flarnek (Lv 21)
Starting team Teeckadee (Lv 24), Rathalos (Lv 23), Weplus (Lv 24), Flarnek (Lv 21), Deimos (Lv 20)

Box: Tyrunt (no name, Lv 20)

Ending team Teeckadee (Lv 25), Rathalos (Lv 24), Weplus (Lv 26), Deimos (Lv 21), Mongo (Lv 23)
Badges 2
Locations Route 10, Geosange Town, Route 11

Synopsis Edit

Jared defeats a member of Team Flare. A Team Flare member is in Geosange Town, and Jared sings his line like a popstar for some reason. Jared battles with Korrina. Jared doesn't want to. Weplus has the advantage over Lucario and bonks them with Bonemerang.

Jared heads out to route 11. He battles a trainer. Jared remembers the last time he battled a Solosis. Deimos is almost killed by the Solosis, scaring Jared. Flarnek bites it instead. Jared is worried as Sigilyph appears. Rathalos is confused and Jared switches to Teeckadee, who is blown away. Weplus is almost killed. Jared is annoyed as Teeckadee is also confused. Nearly everyone will die if he switches. Jared wonders who he is willing to sacrifise, and Flarnek was growing on him. Jared apologizes to Flarnek. Rathalos returns. It's attack is very weak, but Dragon Rage takes Sigilyph out.

Seviper is released, and Jared will miss his funny expression when he uses Venoshock.

Jared finds a thing in the glowing rock! Jared finds a Hariyama. He did not expect that at all. Teeckadee uses several pecks before Hariyama has low enough damage, and Hariyama is also burned by Flame Body. Jared is relieved that Mongo was caught. Mongo teaches Mongo some moves.

Jared decides that he won't be using Tyrunt. Because the chat won't shut up about it, he releases it!

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