Desperate for Pokémon, Jared wanders around where he has already been to fish some more.

PART 16: Desperation
Upload Date December 10th 2013
Series Pokemon Y Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Luvdisc (Lurnks, Cyllage City, Lv 15)

Magicarp (Ionain, Parfum Palace, Lv 14) Mr. Mime (Hennhhhh, Reflection Cave, Lv 22)

Deaths None
Starting team Rathalos (Lv 25)
Ending team Rathalos (Lv 30), Lurnks (Lv 23), Ionain (Lv 25), Hennhhhh (Lv 22)
Badges 2
Locations Geosange Town, Route 10, Cyllage City, Connecting Cave, Route 7, Camphier Town, Lumiose City, Route 4, Santalune City, Route 3, Aquacorde Town, Route 1, Parfum Palace, Reflection Cave

Synopsis Edit

Jared is in trouble. Jared has an Old Rod, and will fish for some Pokémon. Jared fishes in Cyllage City. He is saddened by finding a Luvdisc.

Jared uses a "Leave-me-the-fuck-alone" items through the Zubat Cave. Jared checks tha Battle Chateau. Jared is titled Baron! Jared finds water in Camphier Town, but isn't allowed to fish here. Jared looks desperate. Santalune City has nothing either. He finds a fountain, and can't fish there. There is nothing in any cities or towns at all! Jared complains about Route 1.

Desperate, Jared tries Parfum Palace. He finally finds some water, and nothing bites. Finally, he catches a Magikarp, which he named Ioanin.

Twitch messed up Jared's footage at this point. Jared shows what the comments would have said anyway, such as "You need to grind".

In this time, Ionain has evolved. Jared is more confident with moving forward now, and heads into the Reflection Cave. Jared takes one step, and is already fighting a Mr. Mime. Jared is so angry at it, but is desperate for more team members.

Jared calls it Hennhhhh after the sound Jared made when he first saw it. Jared sees himself reflecting on the wall of the cave. Jared battles a trainer, and battles a Linoone. Jared wonders why the two people outside don't have dumb Pokémon like that!

Jared wonders what Carbink is. Jared is angry as he can't use Dragon Rage on it. Lurnks gets some credit for surviving.

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