Jared finds the worst thing in the world - a female Wobbuffet, and is desperate to escape the Reflection Cave.

PART 18: Handled
Upload Date December 17th 2013
Series Pokemon Y Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Chatot (Dingart, Route 12, Lv 24)
Deaths Lurnks (Lv 25)
Starting team Rathalos (Lv 31), Lurnks (Lv 23), Ionain (Lv 27)
Ending team Rathalos (Lv 31), Ionain (Lv 29), Dingart (Lv 24)
Badges 2
Locations Reflection Cave, Route 11, Cyllage City, Route 8, Route 7, Shalour City, Route 12

Synopsis Edit

Jared wants to leave this place, so he goes north rather than down the hole. He comes across a gap he can't cross, right in front of the exit. Jared guesses correctly that Carbink is a Rock/Fairy type. Jared wishes he could walk across Ioanin over the gap. Jared is worried as he sees someone walking around.

Jared sees a female Wobbuffet - the worst thing in the world. Lurnks can't escape! Jared confused the Wobbuffet. Lurnks is killed. Jared runs. Jared is scared as a Woobat swoops on him. Lurnks is released, and is a butt if it is turned upside down!

Jared heads back to his berry farm. He sees a Sygallyph, and gets angry at it and is determined to kill it. He finds that Absol was on route 8, and a missed opportunity. He makes it to the berry farm, only to find that his berries have withered.

Jared repels his way through the Reflection Cave. Jared finds that the person in the cave heals him. He runs past someone, only to be shocked by Tierno. Flash is like a permanent repel now. Jared sneaks around other people. He finds one person looking at their reflection, and knows that he has to fight this one. Ioanin bites them.

Jared sees a Double Battle and is worried. It's not that bad because they have Combee and Vespiquen. They suck. Jared finds an Iron - his clothes were all wrinkly!

He arrives in Shalour City. Jared is relieved, and runs around. Jared heals, before walking around the city to see if there are any free stuff he can get. He reaches Route 12, and hopes for something cool. He is disappointed at his Chatot find. He sings as he catches it. Jared decides to level up Dingart before continuing.

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