Jared is introduced to Mega Evolution.

PART 19: Eat Kitty
Upload Date December 19th 2013
Series Pokemon Y Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught None
Deaths None
Starting team Rathalos (Lv 31), Ionain (Lv 30), Dingart (Lv 28)
Ending team Rathalos (Lv 32), Ionain (Lv 31), Dingart (Lv 30)
Badges 2
Locations Shalour City, Tower of Mastery

Synopsis Edit

Jared gets an Intriguing Stone, and heads to the Tower of Mastery. Jared notes that the Lucario looks odd. Jared lies by claiming that it was him who found the Intriguing Stone - several times. Jared is annoyed that he had to go through the whole song and dance. Jared says hi to the ladies.

Mega Evolution is introduced to Jared. Jared will kill everyone else to get the Mega Ring! Jared isn't ready to battle for it!

Jared is confused by the Meowstic. Dingart takes a lot of damage before putting Meowstic to sleep. Ioanin bites Meowstic. Absol is the next Pokemon, so Ioanin uses Dragon Rage. Ioanin had a berry, so it recovers from damage. Ioanin doesn't have any water moves for Braxien, so he bites with a critical before ending with Dragon Rage.

Jared doesn't want to be told everyone is a winner. Jared has to wait until the gym to get the mega ring. He heads to the gym to find out how strong they are. It looks like it belongs in American Gladiators! He skates around the park and battles a trainer. Dingart fights a Heracross. It kills itself in its confusion!

Jared has to beat all the trainers. The next trainer has a Pancham, and Dingart puts it to sleep before one-shotting it. Dingart is useful because it can put opponents to sleep and confuse them. Throh and Machoke are easily defeated. Jared likes Dingart. Jared wants to try to get Dingart to solo the gym. Dingart is almost killed by a surprise Low Sweep. Ioanin switches in to finish off Sawk. Rathalos takes on Hariyama.

Jared heads out to heal.

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