Jared battles for his third badge, and is given the Mega Ring.

PART 20: Morphin' Time
Upload Date December 24th 2013
Series Pokemon Y Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Lucario (Kailtes, Shalour City (Tower of Mastery), Lv 32)
Deaths Dingart (Lv 31)
Starting team Rathalos (Lv 32), Ionain (Lv 31), Dingart (Lv 30)
Ending team Rathalos (Lv 32), Ionain (Lv 31), Kailtes (Lv 32)
Badges 3 (Rumble Badge)
Locations Shalour City, Tower of Mastery, Route 12

Synopsis Edit

Jared heads to Korrina. She will have at least one Lucario. Dingart takes on Mienfoo, which uses Fake Out. Chatter almost one shots Meinfoo, and Meinfoo kills itself! Machoke is put to sleep by Dingart. Machoke goes down. Jared is surprised by Hawlucha is the last one. Jared is shocked by flying press, which critical hits and kills Dingart!

Jared is horrified, and puts Ioanin in. Ioanin's Intimidate makes sure that Flying Press doesn't do much. Hawlucha also heals, while constantly using Flying Press. Ioanin eventually takes Hawlucha out. Jared receives his Rumble Badge.

Now he has to go back to the top of the Tower of Mastery. Jared is annoyed by this.

Dingart is released, and Jared thanks him for what he did. Jared reaches the top of the Tower of Mastery again. Jared is given the Mega Ring. Jared wants to fight the Lucario. The two Lucario's fight. Korrina looks way more pissed this time!

Jared turns on Mega Evolution. Jared wants a glove for Mega Evolution. He comments that his ring isn't even a ring - it's a bracelet! Jared's Lucario barely wins. Jared thinks it would suck to lose the Nuzlocke from this battle, but isn't sure whether or not it would count or not.

Jared takes the Lucario. Jared receives Surf as he is leaving the town, and heads to Route 12. He finds that he has to use Surf.

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