Jared gets annoyed by Trapinch chasing him, and finds the worst Power Plant in Pokémon history.

PART 22: Trabitches
Upload Date January 9th 2014
Series Pokemon Y Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Dugtrio (Prumb, Route 13, Lv 26)
Deaths Prumb (Lv 27)
Starting team Rathalos (Lv 38), Ionain (Lv 33), Kailtes (Lv 35)
Ending team Rathalos (Lv 38), Ionain (Lv 34), Kailtes (Lv 35)
Badges 4
Locations Coumarine City, Route 13, Kalos Power Plant, Lumiose City

Synopsis Edit

Jared receives a phone message from totally not the bad guy. Jared needs to go to the Power Plant, and sees a Dugtrio. Jared wants a Dugtrio, and points out how wiggly they are. Jared is sure the great balls will work. Prumb will be used right away. Jared has to fight against the wind. Jared is disappointed that he missed out on a Gible.

Jared tries to fight the wind by jumping on a rail. Jared becomes frustrated at all the Trapinch's that are chasing him. He tries to talk to a guy, but is caught by another Trapinch! Jared finds a Team Flare member. Jared laughs as he takes out Hundoom with a Magnitude 9. Prumb is then killed by a Golbat's Acrobatics. Ioanin is then confused. Ioanin soon uses Ice Beam on the Golbat. The Team Flare member dropped his Power Plant Pass, and Jared calls the Team Flare member an idiot, as he finds the pass in a rock.

Jared hopes to find an electric type Pokémon in the Power Plant. Jared battles the Team Flare members. Golbat becomes frozen, and Jared wonders how Golbat is still flying! Did he freeze gravity!? Jared gets Kailtes to take out a Mightyena using its Mega Evolution. Jared becomes annoyed, as he comes across more and more Team Flare members.

Jared was expecting Team Flare to have more fire Pokémon. A Team Flare member has a Swalot. Lucario getting squashed looks funny. Jared makes a sweep joke. He finally reaches the center of the Power Plant. He wonders if a woman is wearing a Virtual Boy.

The Flare Admins prove to not be any challenge. Ioanin is forced to switch to Rathalos. Jared is disappointed that there were no Pokémon to find in the Power Plant.

Jared finds a massive man. He returns to Lumiose City, and the power is on. Jared hates his friend.

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