Jared answers questions about his past, and battles for the Voltage Badge.

PART 23: Don't Trust Baby
Upload Date January 14th 2014
Series Pokemon Y Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught None
Deaths Kailtes (Lv 39)
Starting team Rathalos (Lv 38), Ionain (Lv 36), Kailtes (Lv 37)
Ending team Rathalos (Lv 39), Ionain (Lv 36)
Badges 5 (Voltage Badge)
Locations Lumiose City

Synopsis Edit

Jared enters Lumiose City gym and finds Clemont. Jared complains that there is a baby here. Jared makes a Fallout joke. Jared likes the fancy elevator. He is confused by the baby appearing.

He doesn't want to have to do the quiz from the Blaine wannabe. Jared can't believe that the first question has him identifying a Pikachu. Jared is surprised that the correct answers result in a battle. Jared thinks that Dedanne looks like a hamster Pikachu.

Jared realizes that Kailtes is going to have to carry everyone in this gym, and does so with Bone Rush. The second question makes Jared sad as he sees Teeckadee. Jared feels guilty using a mega evolution all the time. Jared thinks that the game is showing echos of his past as Stupid Face (Growrp) is shown.

Jared is surprised that he got the question wrong. Jared forgets which one it was, as he has been calling him Stupid Face this whole time! The next trainer has an Electrode, and Jared is terrified that he might explode! Thankfully, it only uses Charge Beam. Jared is wrong again! Ampharos confuses Kailtes, and Jared has to make a risky decision. Rathalos is switched in, and barely survives a Thunder Punch. Jared switches back to Kailtes to finish the job.

Jared finally answers the question correctly. All three monkeys look exactly the same. Jared is frustrated that there are more questions! Jared is shown a Butterfree, and remembers Quip. He is shown three butterflies, and gets the correct one.

Jared has finally made it to the gym leader, and doesn't trust the baby. Jared wants Clemont to hit the baby!

Clemont begins with Emolga, and Jared is worried with Emolga's flying typing. Jared is already in trouble! Jared uses Me First to use Ariel Ace. Low Sweep does a lot more damage than Jared thought. Emolga is switched. Jared can deal with Magnetons, and and would have taken it out in one hit, if it didn't have Sturdy. Magneton kills Kailtes!

Jared is worried, thinking that this is the end. Rathalos comes out, and melts Magneton. Magneton heals, and Magneton uses Sturdy again. Magneton is down. Jared is confused by the Heliolisk. Rathalos survives a Thunderbolt, and finishes Heliolisk off. Emolga returns, and Jared nervously gets Rathalos to burn it out of the match. Jared wins, receiving the Voltage Badge.

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