Jared stumbles into the Zubat Roost, and hates Growrp some more.

Pokemon Y Nuzlocke Blind - PART 9: Stupidface
Upload Date November 14th 2013
Series Pokemon Y Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Seviper (Flarnek, Route 8, Lv 14),

Sandile (Chompit, Route 9, Lv 15)

Deaths None
Starting team Chinlo (Lv 19), Pindil (Lv 17), Growrp (Lv 15), Teeckadee (Lv 20), Rathalos (Lv 19) , Keeyot (Lv 15)
Ending team Chinlo (Lv 20), Pindil (Lv 17), Growrp (Lv 16), Teeckadee (Lv 21), Rathalos (Lv 21) , Keeyot (Lv 17)

Box: Flarnek (Lv 14), Chompit (Lv 15)

Badges 1
Locations Route 7, Connecting Cave, Route 8, Ambrette Town, Route 9

Synopsis Edit

Jared sits on a bench and admires the view. Jared enters the cave. He doesn't want to be anywhere called the 'Zubat Roost'! He finds a Zubat and sighs. He doesn't want another Zubat, and kills it instead.

He checks the grass at the entry to Route 8, and finds a Seviper. He doesn't like Seviper, but he still catches it. Jared is shocked at a group of Seviper and a Zangoose. Jared thinks it is awesome how the Zangoose fights the Seviper. Jared feels that he entered a street gang war! Rathalos gets low health, and Jared can't escape of switch. He hopes it uses a stupid move, which it did. Jared makes sure Seviper dies with a Dragon Rage.

Jared is confused by an Inkay. Jared finds a Leaf Stone, and uses it on Stupidface (Growrp). Stupidface now has Vegeta hair, and Jared can't take him seriously.

Jared finally arrives at Ambrette Town. Jared is surprised that this is a fossil town, and receives Rock Smash, which is given to Growrp. Jared rides Rhyhorn along route 9. He was hoping it would be more exciting than it was. Jared steps on a Sandile. Chompit will chomp any enemy he sees!

Jared can't pronounce Helioptile. Jared doesn't want to do a sky battle, as he only has Teeckadee. He decides to do it anyway, and has to fight a Ledian. Jared is disappointed that it is raining, so he has to use Peck instead of Ember.

Jared walks into the Glittering Cave, and Jared hopes it doesn't have Zubats!

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