Jared throws poop everywhere in Poop in my Soup.

Poop EVERYWHERE | Poop in my Soup
Upload Date March 18th 2016
Series none


Synopsis Edit

Jared is playing There's Poop in my Soup. Jared has to poop in a man's soup. It lands on his head instead! Jared gets it in the soup, and poops on a kid's ice cream cone. Jared aims for one guy, but hits someone else! Jared poops in a pram and then a hipster. The sweet music ends when the combo ends.

Jared poops on everyone, and the combo starts again. This game was more difficult then Jared was expecting. Jared tries to poop everywhere as there are people all over the place - they all missed! Jared's score starts to get worse! He gets three in the soup, and gets a poop bomb! Jared throws more poop bombs all over everyone! Jared laughs as he realizes that this game is really stupid! Jared gets a way better score, before heading to Beijing.

Jared poops like Assassin's Creed into a straw cart. He finds the soup. Jared marks off items off his checklist, and the rocking music begins. There are way more people to poop on now. Jared uses fireworks. The level turns to madness, as everyone falls over.

Jared unlocks Paris. Jared poops onto a poodle, and it runs into a lamp! Jared poops on the fancy people. Jared gets shots into the bin. Jared comments that he is getting his $1 worth of entertainment. Jared feels that with so many people around, it would be harder to miss then he is finding it. Jared gets a diarrhea move, and gets lots of combos and achievements!

Jared brags about his high score as the physics break and people fly everywhere! Jared gets a high score of 400,000! There is not much more to this game, and Jared thinks that this fine.

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