Prop Hunt was two videos and a livestream edited and uploaded to Jared's main channel. It featured Brutalmoose and SpaceHamster. It also included Jared's friend Austin (not PBG). The stream was held on May 1st 2014.

In Plain Sight Edit

Prop Hunt! In Plain Sight
Upload Date May 2nd 2014
Series Prop Hunt


Jared, Brutalmoose and SpaceHamster begin playing Prop Hunt. They agree on a couple of rules. Whoever is hiding must give clues every minute or so, and must only hide in a place that is in plain sight ie. not hidden behind a pipe or unmovable object. Jared begins on one team, while the others start on the opposing team.

The expressions on Jared's face when he hides are hilarious to watch. When a player is caught, the prop starts running away from the hunter. Jared gives a description on how to play the game.

They swap over so that Brutalmoose is the solo player. Possibly the biggest highlight is Jared hiding as a car, and it was so good that he won by being the car TWICE without being hit (he was found the third time in the stream, but this did not make the highlights video).


Prop Hunt Caw Caw!
Upload Date May 9th 2014
Series Prop Hunt


In the second video, Austin (not PBG) joins the rest of the team. Ian keeps on being a small object and runs around Jared, which frustrates him. Possibly the funniest 'hidden' prop was when Brutalmoose was a very large floating table. It then became a running gag to become the giant table.

Unfortunately, there was a lot more of Prop Hunt that never made it to YouTube, including another stream when PeanutButterGamer played with them.