Prumb using Magnitude against a Houndoom
Species Dugtrio
Status Dead

Caught Level 26, Route 13, Part 22
Died Level 27, Route 13, Part 22
Killer Team Flare Grunt's Golbat
Biggest Success Defeating a Team Flare Grunt's Houndoom
Death Quote "HOLY CRAP!...PRUMB!"
Prumb was a female Dugtrio Jared caught in Part 22 of his Pokemon Y Nuzlocke series with the help of Ioanin. Prumb didn't last very long at all, being caught and dying in the same part.

While Prumb was alive, she was pretty good, one-shotting a handful of wild Pokemon, and even a Team Flare Grunt's Houndoom. Then right after defeating that Houndoom, Prumb was one-shot by a Team Flare Grunt's Golbat, which used Acrobatics.

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