Jared plays Drunken Fight Simulator.

Punch Drunk Love ¦ Drunken Fight Simulator
Upload Date January 25th 2017
Series None


Synopsis Edit

Your game will sell more if it has the word 'Simulator' in the title. Jared plays Drunken Fight Simulator. The characters punch and fall to the ground constantly. Jared lives the boxing ring. Jared tries to headbutt and misses. The other character is stuck on a fence. Jared wins.

Jared tries fighting three people. They jump onto him. Jared takes out the first opponent, but is taken out soon later. Jared tries again, and is amused when he knocks down two guys. Jared loses again. Jared wants to play 1v5. Everyone rolls around on the ground. Jared does a huge backflip. Jared wonders why everyone is so drunk in the middle of the day. They keep on falling on Jared. Jared wins the fight.

Jared checks out the 3v3, and plays the game by himself as both dudes. Jared feels sad. Jared tries to verse himself. Jared thought this would be funnier. Jared manages to punch his opponents in the nuts. Jared apologizes.

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