Jared played an indie game called Magicite.

Upload Date February 5th 2016
Series None


Synopsis Edit

Jared is playing an indie game similar to Terraria called Magicite from Indie Box. Jared checks out the customization. Jared died right away when he tried before he started recording.

He starts playing and chops down trees. He kills some things and levels up. He finds a treasure box and gets a really good sword. Jared messes with the crafting, and makes a stone sword when he should have made an axe. The character poops! Jared decides to ignore it! Jared falls onto a bee and gets crushed and dies.

After deciding on his stats, he tries again. Jared almost dies attacking a bore almost instantly, but gets a mushroom from a pig. The bore chases him, and he is soon killed by it.

He plays again, and has a bunch of different items, including a HP potion. Jared levels up after killing a pig. He finds some gold, and starts digging at it - only to find it is a bee hive! Jared is killed by bees!

He starts again, and kills some slimes to level up. Jared screws up his crafting. Jared finds a large monster, and jumps over it. There are several other enemies around including a bee. He avoids them all. He sees another large monster, and he doesn't even want to try to fight them! Jared accidentally makes potions. He levels up killing pigs and slimes. He finds some doors, and using good adventures go left, heads into the first door.

He finds a village. Jared finds some nice things he can't afford! Jared finds a leather worker, and tries to do something with it, but can't. He sells some of his items. He makes a pick handle, and finally creates a pick! He moves forward. He begins harvesting stone, and fights a beetle. Jared wishes this game had online play. He levels up again. He avoids the bee hive this time, and slaughters a bee. He heals himself, and gets attacked by a bore. He experiments with more potion crafting. He levels up some more, and gets a skill point. He charges to battle a slime. Jared gets killed by a bee.

Jared finds that there is an online mode! Jared teases that he might do another video with friends. Jared might do a single player permadeath mode when he gets better. This game was really enjoyable.

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