Jared was at a preview event to check out Splatoon.

Ranked Mode! SPLAT ZONE! - Splatoon
Upload Date March 23rd 2015
Series Splatoon Preview Event


Synopsis Edit

Jared is at a preview event for Splatoon with The Completionist. Jared is playing Splat Zone mode, and is commentating over his own footage.

The first stage is Saltspray Rig. Jared is playing with the roller and describes the mechanics. The other team captures the zone early on. Jared shows off a strategy for this map to get a birds eye view of the zone. Jared's team lost the first game because they had three rollers on their team.

The second map is Walleye Warehouse. They played on this map more. Jared advises not to use the squid mode without any ink as the character will move around slowly like an idiot! Jared throws some bombs into the zone to neutralize it after the other team got there first. Jared's team captured it back. Jared discusses the handicap feature of the timer. Jared's team lost again.

As the third match begins, Jared discusses the ranking system. Jared's team captures the zone. Jared has a rifle in this match, and Jared discusses it. The zone is lost, but it is captured back. Jared discusses the sniper tactic. They lose the zone again, giving the other team a huge chance of getting back in and they take over the zone again. Jared nukes the zone neutralizing it.

Jared skips the video forward due to Nintendo's rules, and the other team has captured the zone again. The zone is neutralized, and Jared's team captures the zone again. Jared discusses the strategy that he and Jirard used to push the other team back to their spawn. The zone got captured back again. Jared likes taking the side path rather than going straight. The zone is captured by Jared's team again. The zone is lost at the last minute, but Jared's team won in a very close match.

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