Jared begins to have the worst luck that he has ever seen in this game.

Road To Recovery - XCOM Army Part 6
Upload Date November 5th 2015
Series XCOM Army
Decision Do we help Australia?
Result India: 18.94%

Egypt: 20.62% United Kingdom: 49.51%


Synopsis Edit

Jared will be heading to the UK, and shows off his new soldiers. Jared will need his new recruits right away and heads to the UK. Some of his team members are floating. The aliens are seen quickly, and there are a lot of them. They come pouring out like a beehive!

Jared and the aliens shoot out, and one of Jared's team members is hurt quickly. Jared takes out the first alien, and Jared struggles to find cover. There are so many floaters! Jared's team keep on missing, and the team members repeat everything Jared says! Jared wishes he had a rocket. Jared takes out a floater that was really close to the starting point.

Jared can't land many shots at all. The aliens approach. One member becomes suppressed and is in a lot of trouble. Jared is becoming frustrated. He tries to save his team member, but continues to miss. The thin man misses, and more floaters appear as Kate dodges. The original floater is taken out, and more aliens approach to attack Jared's team. Jared doesn't know what to do as he has had the worst luck he has ever seen.

Jared throws a grenade to get rid of some of the aliens. Jared is forced to abort the mission.

The UK, Australia, India and Nigeria all go to level 5 panic! Four out of 5 team members died in the last mission! Jared needs to get more soldiers.

A large UFO is found near Japan, and Jared tries to shoot it. It is huge! Jared aborts! Luckily, it doesn't shoot down a satellite. There is a bomb disposal mission in Australia, which needs the panic reduction. Jared leaves the decision with the viewers. The rewards are $168 and panic reduction.

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