Jared gives away some codes for free copies of the game during this episode!

Running out of Options - XCOM Army Part 11
Upload Date November 19th 2015
Series XCOM Army
Decision United States (3 panic, difficult, $200)

India (3 panic, very difficult, 4 engineers) Stats: Scientists: 25, Engineers: 23, Credits: $173, Monthly: +$267

Result United States: 26.03%

Australia: 32.12% Argentina: 36.50%


Synopsis Edit

The developers of this game have been enjoying watching this stream, and have given Jared some copies of the game to give away! There will be keys that come up during the episode for the viewers to get, and Jared shows one of them.

Meanwhile, Jared will be heading to Argentina, and introduces the new recruits. This is a difficult mission (but not very difficult), and there is a council meeting coming up after this map. Jared is familiar with this map.

The team move forward. Jared sees some aliens, and shoots at them but misses. There are a bunch of mutons around, as well as thin men. Jared keeps on missing. Jared gets shot at, and the first member is killed, and everyone begins to panic! More mutons show up.

Jared triggers even more thin men as he considers throwing a grenade. There are now 8 aliens around. Jared thinks that he is going to have to run. A muton walks right up to a squad member and kills them. Jared's team run away and abort the mission.

China, and Japan are both now at level 5 panic. South America is no longer doing that great. Jared discusses launching some satellites. Jared launches a satellite over Argentina. Jared prepares for the council to yell at him. Australia has pulled out, and he gets a B. Not as bad as what Jared was expecting. Jared has money again, and is in desperate need of soldiers.

Jared decides what he needs to buy, and does some autopsies. A UFO has landed in Germany, and it is unidentified. Jared isn't in a position to do this mission. It is a very large UFO. The UFO was scanning for satellites, and shoots down the satellite at Germany!

The next round of abductions are in. This game is not lost yet!

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