Jared plays the second Merry Gear Solid game, where he gets to beat up children, and struggle through a boss that forces him to change the time in his computer.

SOLID SANTA! ¦ Merry Gear Solid 2 #1
Upload Date December 23rd 2016
Series None


Synopsis Edit

Jared plays Merry Gear Solid 2. It starts like Metal Gear Solid 2. They went all out for this one! Jared is impressed by what he is seeing. Snake and Otacon communicate. There are naughty children everywhere. Jared plays along with the jokes.

The controls are better then the first game. The ice acts in the same way as Pokemon does. Jared likes the knock knock joke. Jared gets past all the kids and makes it to the elevator. Jared sneaks past the children. The codec calls start to get annoying. Jared apologizes for the toilet humor in the game, and deserves a game over.

Jared slides along walls and finds a D. Mask. Jared doesn't want to comment on furries. Jared has to use the deer head to hide on walls. He gets caught. He sneaks past the kid on his next attempt. He sneaks past more kids with the deer mask. Jared misjudges the direction a kid looks in, and gets caught.

Otacon references Metal Gear by having to check the game case, before realizing it is a PC game. Jared gets caught by a child when Jared is touched. Jared becomes annoyed by the constant codec messages. Jared dodges around children. Jared gets seen by a camera, before several more attempts where he is caught by children.

Jared finds a Nova Cane. Jared tests out 'killing' the kids. Jared is impressed by the nova cane. He continues to beat up children.

The Ghost of Christmas Present appears. Jared has milk bombs thrown at him. Jared does not understand what he is supposed to do. Jared has to keep on being hit by the milk until more codec calls come in. Jared tries to dodge the milk. Jared makes a joke about changing the date on his computer - to which Otacon agrees!

Jared can't change the date on his computer! He manages to change the time. Jared is mad that he had to do that. Jared demands the ghost of Christmas present to die already. Jared is annoyed by the puns. Jared laughs at the end explosion and makes his own jokes during the long cutscene.

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