Jared plays Sonic Mania at a Nintendo Switch reveal.

SONIC ON SWITCH! ¦ Sonic Mania Preview Nintendo Switch ¦ ProJared Plays!
Upload Date January 16th 2017
Series None


Synopsis Edit

Jared got to play Sonic Mania at the Nintendo Switch reveal. Jared played on Green Hill Zone. The representative is playing as Tails. Jared explains how easy it would be to play the game on the move. Jared talks about the new moves. Jared goes into a loop backwards and is amused by the messed up animation. The game sometimes feels like an indie game. All the shields are coming back. Jared falls into a pit, before getting invincibility. Jared beats the boss. Jared gets the lightning shield from hitting the sign.

Jared now plays Studiopolis. The running animation is like it was in Sonic CD. Jared shows the bubble shield. Jared's favorite is the fire shield. Jared liked what he was playing. Jared found the shattering glass section pretty cool. Jared finds a secret. Staying higher in the stage is easier.

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