Jared plays a spooky RPG that inspired Resident Evil.

Upload Date October 4th 2017
Series Sweet Home


Synopsis Edit

It is October, so Jared will play spooky games! This game, Sweet Home, was only released on the Famicon. This game was the inspiration of the original Resident Evil. Sweet Home was donated to him from a fan. Jared reads through the opening cutscene, and notices references made in Resident Evil games. Jared vacuums up all the broken glass.

The characters pile into an open door. Jared takes some time trying to work out how the menu system works. He saves so he doesn't have to go through that again!

Jared finds a key and opens a door. Jared tries to cut a rope with his knife. Jared sees some ghosts, and has to dodge out of the way of one. Suddenly, a ghost starts a fight. Jared is excited when he discovers that this is an RPG!

An evil doll wants to fight. Jared uses the lighter to destroy the rope. Jared finds that praying is like magic attacks. Jared comes across a skeleton. The characters level up. Jared pick up a rune knife. Jared sees more weapons as he beats up more ghosts. The ghosts look like lions. Jared finds a dirty floor that needs to be vacuumed to get past. An awesome looking skeleton says that a chandelier fell onto him. The group finds a fresco covered in dust. Jared uses a vacuum to clean it! Jared takes photos of the images.

The floor is covered in maggots! The maggots take a lot of damage. A chandelier is thrown at the party, and one of them takes damage. Jared finds a rune axe. Jared tries to work out how to change the party setup.

After some more exploring, Jared finds a room filled with bats that attack. A chair is thrown at Tageshi, who takes 3 damage. Jared wants the scimitar, but is stopped by maggots. Jared didn't realize it would be so much of an inventory management game like Resident Evil.