Jared plays a short survival horror game that interacts with other players.

Upload Date July 27th 2016
Series none


Synopsis Edit

Jared is playing Moirai - and has no idea how to pronounce it. This is a psychological horror game. It controls like Doom, and it makes Jared want to play Daggerfall. Jared talks to the people. The beds are two dimensional against the walls.

The small number of buildings remind Jared of starting a Pokemon journey. Jared heads to the farm. He pokes sheep constantly, hoping it would explode. Jared talks to a lumberjack. Jared comments on his character's tiny hand. Jared is given a knife to attack with. He doesn't know how to use the knife.

Jared decides to play Daggerfall. Jared walks through a cave maze. There are walls with tally marks all over them. He finds a book. The lumberjack looks like a gnome! A bloody farmer approaches. Jared is given choices. The characters talk as if they are dumb, and Jared lets the farmer go, who vanishes behind him.

A bloody woman begs for help. She is talking a lot for someone with a gaping wound! Jared doesn't want to help, and she splashes blood onto his knife! Jared is asked why he is covered in blood and why he has a knife. Jared makes jokes in the comments.

Jared is asked to submit his name and email, and will be emailed about his fate! Jared thinks he should have killed the guy who couldn't talk properly! At least the next person who plays will know to sub 2 Yungtown!

Jared tries again, and wonders what would happen if he killed the bitch. Jared stabs sheep. Jared goes on a murder spree, and kills all the sheep! Jared returns to the town, which shocks the villagers. All the characters comment on the blood.

This time, Jared kills the farmer called Jonathan. Jared stabs the woman. Jared decides that he is going to mess with the next person. Jared enjoys himself as he makes weird responses.

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