Hana meets the Normal Boots boys, and Jared and Heidi are terrified of Shane.

Spaghetti is Hard | Asagao Academy w/Atelier Heidi #2
Upload Date April 25th 2016
Series Asagao Academy


Synopsis Edit

Jared goes over how they met the boys, and everything is fairly accurate. Mai hums, and Jared recognizes the song, but doesn't know what it is. Heidi wants to know more about Hana's back story.

A choice is offered. Do they take Satch's book? Heidi decides to take it. Jared notices the flower based theme. They meet Jon and Jacques. Jared attempts to impersonate Jon and Jacques. Heidi is worried that taking the book will break Hana's bag! Jared finds Hana's voice adorable.

Heidi is worried that Hana will have to sit with strangers - or boots! They meet Ian, and Heidi thinks he is the Posh boy who picked on Hana before. Mai constantly tries to get Hana to introduce her to Jared. Mimi is causing problems. Heidi correctly guesses that they are about to meet Shane. Jared and Heidi laugh at Shane's voice. Heidi is worried and scared of Shane, so she gives him space.

Heidi thinks Mai is shady and is up to something. Jared decides that Kakusu and Mimi are going to be the mean girls. It is revealed that Mai has been setting up the bedroom. Jared wants ice cream! Heidi realizes that something has happened to Hana's mom. Jared laughs as the Continue boys are shown. Their behaviour is accurate to their real life counterparts. Jared and Heidi discuss that Hana was probably bullied at her last school. That is really sad.

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