Jared fights a several bosses as he goes through the fourth world of Kirby's Adventure.

Sucking Eggs ¦ Kirby's Adventure #2
Upload Date January 19th 2017
Series Kirby's Adventure


Synopsis Edit

Jared wanted to play Egg Catcher. He doesn't win.

Jared heads into the fourth world. Jared is used to not having any help or guides. Jared accidentally kills the UFO, and deliberately kills himself to respawn it. Jared finds a secret. Kirby pulls out a gun! He is disappointed that he loses the UFO when he leaves the stage. Jared has to choose between two doors, and thinks he chose the wrong one. Jared fights two bombers, and takes it way too seriously!

Jared is surprised that the crash power up can light a fuse. Jared 'blows' through the zeppelin level. Jared comments on the broom ability. He keeps on missing the timing on the bonus stage. He missed a secret, and wants to go back. Jared races an explosion as a wheel, and just beats it to a 1up.

Jared fights a turtle - that throws Kirby against a wall. Jared pressed it to jump, and is killed by the adorable turtle. Jared shows the Throw ability. Jared gets the hyper ability, but screws up his jumps.

Jared fights Meta Knight's minions. Jared gets killed by enemies that fall from the sky as he tries to use fireball. Jared is excited to have made it to the 1 in the bonus level. Jared fights another clock, and misses another secret. Jared creates light again and finds a secret switch. Jared wonders why he keeps trying to keep beam. Jared decides to go back for the secret. He finds it under the zeppelins.

He finds the sleep and ball power ups. They are both stupid. Jared decides to use ball to beat the next boss. He misses a jump and dies. He makes it up with hi-jump instead. The eye turns into a cloud, and Jared defeats it.

Jared thought this game was longer. Jared tries to get a mix with two enemies, but one of them randomly attacks Jared. Jared becomes a stone to fall from the sky. Jared makes it to the top of the bonus level for the second time - and puts 5 fingers up and has to correct himself. Jared pretends he is at Games Done Quick. Jared talks about speedrunning, and being good at one thing rather then doing a lot of things.

Jared runs up a hill to get his hammer ability back. He makes it to the top of the bonus level again. Jared plays the egg game again and crushes it. Baby chickens come out of Kirby's mouth. Jared is becoming a better Kirby player!

"Hello there, I'm ball!" "And I'm sleepy lady." "We're pretty much worthless." "But we can tell you to watch these videos!" "Jesus Christ! He just eat sleepy lady!" "Subscribe before I die!"

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