Jared went to a Nintendo event to play Super Smash Bros for Wii U, and got footage to show to his fanbase. Unfortunately, his laptop died during recording, so he lost a lot of footage. He still managed to get enough footage to put out five videos. The videos were all uploaded on October 25th 2014.

amiibo Training Preview - Smash Wii U Edit

Jared denonstrates how to use amiibos in the Wii U Smash Bros. He uses a Marth amiibo and calls it Bagoom (a reference to another of his videos).

Ridley Preview - Smash Wii U Edit

Jared shows off how Ridley plays on the new Metroid stage, while playing against his Marth amiibo from the previous video.

8-Player Preview - Smash Wii U Edit

Jared shows off the 8-Player mode. Jared is playing as Shulk and wins. Due to Nintendo regulations, he couldn't show the whole fight, but wanted to show himself win. He comments that it is hard to see yourself.

Smash Tour Preview - Smash Wii U Edit

Jared demonstrates how to play the Smash Tour mode.

Event Mode Preview - Smash Wii U Edit

Jared has a go at some of the challenges in Event Mode.

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