Jared kills some crabs, mines some gems and donates them to the museum.

Sword-Swinging Spelunking | Stardew Valley #3
Upload Date March 5th 2016
Series Stardew Valley


Synopsis Edit

It is raining outside, so Jared doesn't have to water his crops. He has a quest to reach level 5 in the mines. He plays with his sword. Jared finds a leak and harvests it like in Mario Bros 2. He arrives at the mine. Jared finds a secret ladder. He finds some copper. A weird hermit crab appears, and Jared attacks and kills it. Jared collects the crab. Jared finds some slimes - which reveals a ladder, making Jared confused. Jared finds an Amythest.

He heads down, finds some more items and kills slime. He finds an Earth Crystal. He eats some algae, and finds a Geode. He continues breaking boxes to find more geodes and a topaz.Jared is surprised that this game has Rune Factory-like elements. Another slime reveals a ladder.

Jared checks out one of the ladders, and finds some more minerals. He doesn't know what to do with the crab, and discovers a dwarf scroll. He can't hold onto all the stuff he is finding down here. He gets attacked by more slimes and crabs. Jared achieves level 5, and is surprised that the next achievement is level 40!

He discovers the elevator. He throws his stones away. He accidentally leaves the mine, and heads back down to kill some more dudes. He kills more slimes in order to level up. Jared heads further into the mine, killing crabs. Jared finds some cave carrots and eats them. Jared decides to head back as it is getting late. The game also has Animal Crossing elements to it.

Jared really wants to be able to move faster. As he gets back to his house, Jared hears a strange sound. He sells the bug meat before sleeping. Jared's mining improves, and he can now make a cherry bomb.

The next day, Clint appears at his house - who has been waiting here since 4AM! Jared can now make a furnace. He places it, and finds that he now needs coal. He is frustrated that he has been selling and getting rid of coal. He waters the crops. Jared gets his potatoes and sells them. Jared needs a map to find his way around town still, and makes his way to the museum.

Jared puts the items into the exhibit. Jared gets some money for donating to the exhibit. Jared gets some new cauliflower seeds. He heads to the blacksmith to hand over his geodes. The geodes are expensive. He gets some petrified slime, and some other items. The museum is looking better now. All of Jared's town tasks are finally complete, so he can go back to his farm now.

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