Jared discovers science in Factorio.

THERE'S SCIENCE!?¦ Factorio #2
Upload Date January 4th 2017
Series Factorio


Synopsis Edit

Jared talks about how he had to adjust the screen. Jared continues to create science. Jared powers his systems. Jared has researched automation. Jared wants to craft a radar. Jared cannot create lamps, so he has to stay by his furnaces for light. Jared is no longer collecting coal, so he needs to start it up again. Jared gets an 'iced tasty' delivered to him from his wife. Jared discusses playing this after playing Minecraft Hardcore with PBG. Jared likes Minecraft - it is still fun. Jared finds that there is weapon and armor crafting.

Jared is overwhelmed by his options. Jared makes some lamps so he can see at night. Aries starts crying for attention as Jared tries to create boilers. Jared has run out of power, and gives everything wood. Jared feels that his starting area wasn't great. He needs some stone. Jared wants a laser. Jared researches in steel, and researches more science.

Jared needs more automation, and sets up a new mine setup for collecting stone. He struggles to make the grabby hand fast enough to grab the stone before it arrives. Jared admits that his factory is a mess.

Jared drinks his iced tasty. "Iced Tasty* Totally not some other copy righted coffee beverage." Jared connects his power lines to his copper farm. The coal line has stopped again, and he decides to automate that as well. Jared is having a great time.

"Oh hey there! Don't mind me I'm just chopping wood. You don't want to watch this, this is boring. Why don't you click on one of these awesome videos instead! I promise they are way more interesting than watching me chop wood. Oh and while you at it maybe like, comment, and... subscribe!"

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