Jum Jum has returned, Jared proposes to Abigail, and they get married!

THE WEDDING!! | Stardew Valley #9
Upload Date April 12th 2016
Series Stardew Valley


Synopsis Edit

Jared is playing in the 3rd day of Summer, year 2. The farm is mostly the same, but the house is much bigger with an upstairs area. The game wants there to be a baby's room. Jared gets to his farming. It bothers Jared that all his crops grow at different rates so they don't have pretty colors at the same time.

Jum Jum has returned. Jared went into another mine and got everything in there. Jared's stone fence is breaking down! Jared attends to his chickens and ducks.

Jared has the Mermaid pendant. It is used on the person the player wants to marry. Jared will use it on Abigail. Jared searches for Abigail. Abigail accepts, and the ceremony is in three days! Jared fast forwards three days and takes care of his farm in the meantime. Jared thinks he should change his clothes.

Jared has skipped to the 6th day of summer, and the game goes right into the wedding! Lewis makes a speech. Jared loves the kissing animation. Jared likes the wedding music. There are now more hearts after Jared has been married. Jared is excited to have a game room with a Super Nintendo, a sword and a drum set!

This is Jared's best decision he has ever made! Jared moves his arcade in his game room. Jared is excited. Jared can hug Abigail whenever he wants! Jared jams out and wants to jam out with Abigail.

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