The plot twist of Until Dawn is revealed, and Jared thinks that there is more to it.

TRY DIPLOMACY!! | Until Dawn Part 12
Upload Date September 14th 2015
Series Until Dawn


Synopsis Edit

Jared continues playing as Emily in the mineshafts searching for Jess. Jared finds a locket, and tries to piece together the weird plot. Jared finds Beth's head, and wasn't expecting it! Jared confirms that Beth is dead. The dude with the flamethrower appears. Jared tries to light the oil on fire. He gets Emily to hide. The game cuts away.

Back to Josh who is laughing at the others, and Jared wants everyone to punch Josh. Jared called the fake bodies. This is all about YouTube videos! The characters are pissed at Josh. Jared thinks that there is more to it than this. As the guys are beating up and tying up Josh, Jared hopes that the girls are enjoying a bath together. Jared gets Chris to hit Josh, and Jared realizes that it was a mistake.

The chapter ends, and Jared discusses how there must be more going on than just Josh fooling around.

Jared knows that it is possible for anyone to die or no one to die, but as far as he knows, no one has died so far. Jared is up to the eighth chapter, with three hours until dawn.

Jared finds that the flamethrower dude is fighting off zombies. Emily has flares now, and Jared is glad that he didn't shoot the flamethrower man. Jared misses another opportunity, and wonders where Matt is. A white totem is found. Chris has a gun, and couldn't shoot.

Emily avoids some zombies. He chooses 'good adventures go left!' Emily makes it to an elevator. Emily is being surprisingly resourceful. Jared presses the wrong button to leap off the conveyor belt, but either path would have worked. A butterfly effect appears, and Jared screws up. Emily is OK.

Emily makes it back to the other characters. Emily criticizes Matt, and Jared tries to say that he wasn't trying to leave her. Jared thinks that Hannah was the zombie.

The flamethrower guy enters the house to inform them about the mountain. Jared is pleased to see Chris being given his gun. Ash kisses Chris, and Jared is happy that something remotely sexual finally happened! Jared wants to call it here, and checks out his butterflies.

Jared doesn't remember Emily getting bitten. Jared is missing a bunch of totems, but has a lot of clues. It was all set up by Josh. Jared feels that he is close to the end of the game. Josh is a dick!

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