Jared is at a preview event for Splatoon with The Completionist. Jared is playing Turf War mode, and is commentating over his own footage.

TURF WAR! - Splatoon
Upload Date March 23rd 2015
Series Splatoon Preview Event


Synopsis Edit

The first stage is Walleye Warehouse. This is the mode that was shown off at E3. The point is to cover the ground with as much ink as possible, rather than getting kills, and covering walls doesn't count. Jared talks about the suction bomb. He then discusses how to fly over to a team mate somewhere else on the map. Jared finds it really fun. Jared finds the cat adorable, as Jared's team wins. He mentions that his character's name is Jimmy.

Jared talks about the roller weapon, which is the weapon he is using in the second match. Jared is using the Killer Wail, and kills three opponents with it in one hit! It's one of the coolest weapons. Jared and an opponent kill each other together twice in a row! The match ends, and Jared's team loses.

The third match is at the skate park and Jared uses the 52 Galleon. This weapon is one of Jirard's favorites. Jared demonstrates the rain shower weapon. It is very hard to run away from the rollers. Jared mentions the messaging system. There is no online voice chat, which is not what Jared was told at E3. This is a big disappointment for this game. Jared will probably play using Skype. Jared's team wins.

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