Jared tames a horse in Breath of the Wild.

Taming Wild Horses ¦ Zelda Nintendo Switch Preview
Upload Date January 17th 2017
Series None


Synopsis Edit

Jared is playing Zelda Breath of the Wild at a preview event. Jared will show how to catch a wild horse. Jared is not playing, a Nintendo Representative demonstrated this. Link fights a bokoblin. Jared talks about how to control the game. Jared wanted the gyrocensor turned off. Link cooks some sneaky steamed meat, and Jared discusses the sneaking mechanic.

Link reaches the horses, and eats the sneaky meat. Jared chose the horse with the spotted butt. Link sneaks up on the horse and gets on it. Jared explains the stats of the horses, and how they are all different - even with the same horse. Jared points out a pinwheel, and mentions that it is a korok. Link arrives at the stable. The horse is stabled and named. Jared wanted the horse to be called 'suckitPBG'.

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