Jared and Heidi continue to play Asagao Academy, and are introduced to Joshualina, make a pillow fort, and prepare for a Smash Bros tournament.

Tensions Rise! | Asagao Academy w/Atelier Heidi #5
Upload Date April 28th 2016
Series Asagao Academy


Synopsis Edit

Hana has had a sad past. Jared and Heidi are confused when they see Joshualina. Heidi is shocked that Josh is posing as a girl. Paul's "whoa!" was perfect! Jared comments on Joshualina's beard! In the classroom the next day, Hana has taken off her blazer, and now she and Heidi are wearing the same outfit, as she talks to Shane.

Jared points out that Shane's comics may be a reference to him being a pixel artist. Jared laughs at Shane's "No" to not wanting to prank the teacher. Mai is stalking Jared, knowing what his and PBG's room numbers are. PBG has a Duck Hunt poster, a joystick poster and a Super Nintendo in his room. Mai has made a pillow fort for Hana.

Jared and Paul are arguing about the fashion show or the student government show being more important. Jared tells Heidi not to fuck it up! Heidi selects the fashion show. She wants Jared to like her, and will say anything to get Jared to like her. Jared and Heidi are surprised that Paul is so cool with Hana's decision. Heidi screams as Mai asks a Yes or No question with no context. She selects Yes, and they are worried that she may have made a mistake!

Mai and Hana break into the Normal Boots clubroom. After getting caught by Shane, Mai sings a song, and Jared still can't figure out what the song is. Super Stomping Sisters is clearly Super Smash Brothers. Jared loves the music every time he appears. Jared doesn't actually smell like ham. Hana and Mai are surrounded by boys in PBG's room.

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