Jared tells a story about how an extremely strong party member performed an insane feat.

The Ballista Bat
Upload Date December 8th 2015
Series D&December


Synopsis Edit

This story comes from D&D 2nd Edition - the re-released black books. Jared was dungeon mastering. This story is mostly about Tydra. The party was in a war and were fighting over something. They got to the point when both armies met, and the party was stuck in the middle.

Tydra was played by Josh (who was in the D&D gameplay videos). Tydra was a human fighter with a strength score of around 18/91, which is a lot! Jared discusses how the scores work. Tydra had a great sword, and was quick to anger, and quick to cause violence. Tydra was like Guts from Berserk.

The team were helping a dwarvan clan. They showed up with Ballistas. Jared got the idea of the Ballistas from World of Warcraft. The party would need to go through a stronghold to flake the clan and take out the leader. When that would happen, the clan would come to their senses and the curse would be lifted. The enemies fire a ballista shot at the party. They would have known to get out of the way.

Unfortunately, Tydra was being played by Josh, who always makes very specific decisions. Josh decides to catch it, which catches Jared off guard. That was the stupidest thing that Jared had heard! The ballista would have killed Tydra in a comical and destructive fashion.

Tydra had a potion of strength to drink to catch the ballista. This would give him a strength score of 22! Jared tells him that he will roll a 1d20. If it rolls a 20, Tydra catches it. A 20 is rolled! Tydra catches the ballista, and is dragged back. Now Tydra is holding the ballista, and wants to ram through the dwarvan army with it!

Jared is horrified, as Tydra is running around with a bat taking out drawves. The other party members struggle to keep up with Tydra. Rather than going through the stronghold that Jared had planned, they went right through the middle! Tydra swings the ballista bat at everything and cuts through everything!

The party gets to the leader. Tydra throws the ballista at the leader. Jared can't believe what is happening. Josh said something funny. Jared didn't want this big boss to be taken out in one hit, so he makes it that this big dwarf gets trapped under it. Everyone gets their weapons out and wail on him.

They made peace with the dwarvian army all because Tydra caught a ballista, and turned it into a bat!

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